Innovative solutions
since 1950​

NMC:s story began in 1950 when entrepreneur Gert Noël founded the company in a small village in Belgium and began operations in the post-war era. His first idea for a company was to simplify the life of housewives by offering innovative sponges made of polyurethane foam. 

Fast forward to today, and NMC has grown into a leading and growth-seeking international company specialising in synthetic cellular plastics.  For nearly 70 years the company has placed human beings at the core of its operations and developed more and more products and services that make life more comfortable and protected. Worldwide we have over 1 650 employees in over 25 countries.  We deliver solutions to over 120 countries.

Challenging the status quo, strong values and the legacy of the Noël family form the foundation for NMC’s goals regarding future growth. 


“Our inspiring aim, strong values and the legacy of our family form the basis for the company’s future goals”, says the Chair of the company’s Board Yves Noël. “Our products represent comfort and protection that enable a better life, and we also offer services, technologies and advice to make the everyday operations of our customers and partners easier.”  

Our value proposition to our customers

We turn your ideas into reality with our expertise in materials, engineering and manufacturing.

Our expertise in materials, engineering and manufacturing brings ideas to reality.

We succeed together

We succeed together with our customers, employees, partners and owners by producing added value with our ability to develop new solutions.  

We are inspiring 

We encourage each other to do things better and try something new by acting as inspiring examples ourselves. We develop ourselves and our operations by constantly learning – also from our mistakes.  

We are bold 

We develop by being bold, by having the courage to ask questions and question answers – by doing things in new ways and by taking responsibility.  Our courage is born out of trust, cooperation and robust expertise.  

We are customer-centred 

We are genuinely interested in understanding the needs of our customers and working to fulfil them. We develop our own operations by proactively supporting our customers. When our customer succeed, we succeed.  

From the values of the group we have chosen the most crucial factors for our operations that we wish to emphasise.


We are committed to continuous improvement and using best practice principles to manage responsibility through the whole supply chain. We use our expertise in materials and engineering to always pursuit the best sustainable solutions for our customers.

With our commitment, strong values and ethics embedded in our culture we will lead the business to a sustainable direction.


NMC Cellfoam 2030 goals
  • Minimum 30% of used polymers based on circular carbon​
  • Zerowaste to landfill​
  • All plastic packaging out of 30% recycled content. Cardboards out of 100% recycled material. 
  • Increase usage of sustainable materials by environmental engineering​
  • 30% reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2019​
  • 100% of externally sourced electricity from green sources
  • Implement scope 3 Co2 footprint​ by end of 2024
  • Reduce energy consumption
Physical Health
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate below 5​
  • By implementing NMC safety practices we ensure a safe, healthy, and continuously improving working environment for All employees.  
  • Minimum 24 training hours per collaborator per year​
  • Voluntary staff turnover below 10%
  • Attract the best people in business, develop their wellbeing and work/life balance

Our Operations model

We convert your ideas into reality

Our engineering team helps you find the best possible solution to realise your idea. Over the years our operations model has been honed into a smoothly flowing process that can be flexibly tailored to the needs of each individual customer. We are with you all the way from the initial design stage to the prototype, manufacturing and serial production stages. Our diverse selection of raw materials, manufacturing technologies and software allow us to realise even the more challenging solutions. Finally, we manufacture and deliver the production volume to meet your commercial needs effectively and reliably. 

We help make your idea a reality

When you are developing a new product, we encourage you to contact us as early as possible so that we can support the progress of your idea towards the desired solution in a cost-effective manner. Together we can define the technical and practical details of your application to ensure that the end result meets your requirements. When needed, we can come on site to offer guidance and make the required measurements. We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to materials and their characteristics so that we can take your individual needs into account.

Requirements and features

We survey the features, performance level and possible standards required by the use site of your product and help you select the right materials. Our extensive selection of materials contains over 400 different materials, and when needed, we can also look for and procure new additions to our selection.


Concept and design

Based on the requirements and basic information that we have discussed and gone through together, we design and suggest the most suitable solution. We use modern design software and, if needed, we can also adapt the solution we have designed to fit directly into your overall model. If you so wish, we can also offer various material options and make you a clear written offer that clearly specifies the product’s unit prices at different manufacturing volumes and possible additional tool and mould costs that may be required.  From the options we present, you may choose the one that is most economically suitable for your needs.



Once you have accepted our proposed solution, we will make you a prototype that allows you to quickly and easily test and verify that our solution is indeed suitable for your needs. We can repeat the prototyping as needed to ensure that we find the best solution together.

Production and delivery

Once you have accepted the prototype, we will manufacture the batch of products you require. Our manufacturing process is flexible and our employees are seasoned professionals. A typical batch can be anything from a single prototype to tens of thousands of products. We can determine the suitable delivery batches together.

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