Thank you 2022 & Welcome 2023

Dear customers, colleagues and business partners

While we are approaching the closure of year 2022, we would like to try and take out the best among the many challenging experiences we faced during the year.

 We believe it is fair to say that during this year we have seen co-creativity as never before.

Even though in many cases external factors have been the booster for this, the reward is that we have learned to be even more proactive and courageous in terms of WILLING to co-operate closer and more openly than ever to find the best way forward and to overcome the unavoidable challenges caused by external factors.

We believe this is the most precious takeaway from 2022, and it will make us even stronger to succeed together also in 2023.
What a year to learn to know our partners at all ends of our complex value chain!

Even though the year brought us a lot of extra work just to get by, we have managed to keep our focus in the future and to develop our capabilities to deliver more added value and contribute to our customers and partners’ competitiveness.

Herewith some nice moments of the year 2022.

The year brought us new colleagues with incredible drive and ideas. We started to work even more closely between Finnish and Swedish factories.

This year we participated in Alihankinta-fair in Tampere, Finland and Elmia-subcontractor fair in Jonkoping, Sweden. At these fairs we got to meet new people with interesting ideas as well as to say hi and connect with old friends.

Last but not the least we launched our new webpages that will keep you on board of what we are doing and working on!


With these words we at NMC Cellfoam like to wish our employees, customers, partners and co-operators a successful and sustainable business year 2023!


Our strengths include an extensive range of material options and close collaboration with multiple material suppliers. We can manufacture customized products according to customer requirements and drawings, such as various insulation and sealing materials used in HVAC devices.

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