Our comprehensive buoyancy solutions are suitable for such purposes as sports and leisure products, buoys, jetties and piers, the fishing industry, maritime wind farms and the containment of oil spills. We can realise the solutions according to plans delivered by the customer, or we can help you develop the product from the get-go. We can help with choosing the right materials and coating solutions that take the special requirements of the intended application into account.


We develop durable, lightweight and ecological solutions for a wide variety of buoyancy needs. Our solutions can tackle even demanding conditions, such as saltwater environments or heavy swells.

Examples of possible applications:

  • Swimming accessories
  • Coated flotation devices or life buoys
  • Buoys and pier pontoons
Sport & leisure

Thanks to its buoyancy, durable cellular plastic is a suitable material for products and accessories intended for water sports.

Automotive industry

We deliver solutions to the boating industry where buoyancy is a crucial characteristic.

Other applications

Our solutions are also used in the fishing industry, maritime wind farms and in the containment of oil spills, for example.

We make your
idea a reality

Engineering service

We offer product development and ready-made products as a single package under one roof. Our extensive know-how in both materials and various manufacturing technologies ensure functional and durable solutions. We are a natural part of our customer’s product development process all the way from the initial design stage to the realisation and serial production of the product. All you need is an idea – we will help you make it a reality!

Creation of the prototype

We develop and manufacture individual prototypes as well as prototype series from our extensive selection of materials. All you need is an idea of a product, and we can help you develop and realise the process from start to finish.

Manufacturing methods

Our versatile production methods, extensive machine stock and skilled employees allow us to develop and manufacture diverse and challenging solutions. When developing a product we consider the material, the product’s intended use and the suitable production methods, and optimize the most cost-effective solution.

How can we help?

Feel free to contact us when looking for a solution. Our technical sales team will be happy to go over your needs and all technical requirements with you, so that we understand the functional and visual requirements of your application right from the start.

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