High-quality solutions
with professional pride

We are Scandinavia’s leading further processor of cellular rubber and cellular plastics and we offer functional solutions to industry operators regardless of industry. We make sure that your high demands and expectations are met. Our competitive advantages are material expertise, application expertise, processing technologies, quality and reliability.

We are truly proud of our professionalism, our work methods, as well as the technical and aesthetic quality of our products. We are a reliable partner that produces durable and high-quality solutions for its customers, even on a fast schedule.

Operations model

With our extensive selection of materials we will help you find the most suitable solutions for both thermal and sound insulation.

Our material selection contains numerous options with different temperature ranges, hardnesses, fire ratings and other special features.


With the right materials and material combinations we deliver functional solutions for soundproofing and noise damping.


Our shapable and lightweight materials include options to cover a wide variety of different protection needs from transportation to personal protective equipment.


High-quality upholstery completes a product and stands the test of time. We offer upholstery solutions for various products and surfaces.


The light weight of materials is a significant aspect when considering the total weight of the manufactured product.  Lightweight solutions save space, energy and transportation costs.

Our light, stable and chemically neutral solutions can be used ecologically in all areas where good buoyancy is essential.
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