Traditional manufacturing methods are suitable for splitting cellular plastic materials into thinner or smaller sheets or products. Usually, splitting and sawing are part of the first production steps, where incoming materials are processed into suitable sizes for further processing.

and versatile METHOD

Splitting and sawing enable versatile and efficient use of materials in our production. Sawing also allows for the creation of simple prototypes and smaller production batches. Splitting involves horizontal cutting of the material to achieve the desired thickness, which can be from a few millimeters upwards with modern machines. Our splitting equipment enables production of extremely thin sheets.

suitable for many purposes

The majority of the materials we use are suitable for splitting and sawing. By continuously improving our processes and equipment, we can utilize the raw materials to the fullest extent and minimize waste.

simple manufacturing method

Sawing is our simplest manufacturing method. We use traditional band saws and special saws that also allow for the creation of beveled surfaces. Sawing is often used for the production of individual pieces or small production batches, especially when the design is simple enough.


Are you looking for a reliable and skilled processor of cellular foam? At NMC Cellfoam, we have extensive experience in the processing of cellular foam and gladly offer our expertise to support your product manufacturing. We can process cellular foam for various purposes and shape it into complex and precise geometric forms. Utilizing modern equipment and tools, we ensure the high quality and precise finishing of our products. Our designers are available to assist in choosing the right material and processing methods if needed. Together, we can create high-quality and durable products that meet your needs and requirements. Explore our manufacturing methods and feel free to contact us!


We use various lamination technologies to bond different material layers together.


Three-dimensional machining and milling are also suitable for processing cellular foams.

die cutting

Punching, or dry cutting, is a cost-effective solution for large production batches.

water jet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a fast and flexible method to produce both prototypes and production batches with precision.


We thermoform and vacuum mold three-dimensional products for challenging applications.

Splitting and sawing

Splitting machines play a central role in our production.

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