You don’t need to know exactly what material you want and need before you contact us – we will guide you through the various options and develop the best possible solution according to your requirements. We are not affiliated with a specific supplier or manufacturer, but can acquire customer-specific materials if necessary. With the help of a wide selection of materials, versatile manufacturing technologies and our skilled employees, we engineer and manufacture cost-effective and high-quality products!

Operations model

Polyurethane foam

Foam plastics are characterized by their lightness, flexibility and good aging resistance. Materials are used e.g. as sealants, sound and heat insulators, packaging plasticizers and air and liquid filtration.

Cellular rubber

Cellular rubbers are flexible, porous and long-lasting materials for many different uses. There are several types of cellular rubber, e.g. EPDM, CR, SBR, NBR and their mixtures.

Polyethylene and EVA
Closed-cell foams are very versatile materials. The closed-cell structure is naturally water-, dust- and air-tight. The materials are excellent thermal and condensation insulators and are very durable.
Other materials

Our wide, versatile and high-quality material selection perfectly covers the insulation, protection and sealing needs of industry. We also offer several other special materials, about which you can get more information by contacting us.

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