Cellular plastics and rubbers for solutions
in machine and device manufacturing

We offer tailor-made solutions for machine and device manufacturing. We serve customers internationally across the globe and deliver solutions for the manufacture of machines and their parts.

Several options for
sealing and insulation

We help you find the best tailor-made solution that meets even the most stringent requirements.

We help you choose the right material and conduct various tests and measurements and manufacture prototypes as needed to ensure that we find the best possible solution together. Various sheet and metal structures often require a sealing or insulating solution based on cellular plastic or rubber.

Examples of applications include noise reduction to improve work ergonomics and heat insulation to reach a desired temperature and improve energy-efficiency.

We also contribute to the product development of several of our customers, and they benefit from our expertise with regard to material choices, for example.

Environmental requirements and various standards are a part of our day-to-day operations.

Typical solutions in machine and device manufacturing:

  • Sealants
  • Thermal insulants
  • Sound insulants
  • Product packaging
  • Protection

High-quality and energy-efficient solutions to minimise heat loss. We offer various insulation solutions for both large machines and small devices.


Lightweight and functional solutions for product packaging and protection during transportation, for example.


Our extensive material selection contains sealing solutions for all applications.

We make your
idea a reality

Engineering service

We offer product development and ready-made products as a single package under one roof. Our extensive know-how in both materials and various manufacturing technologies ensure functional and durable solutions. We are a natural part of our customer’s product development process all the way from the initial design stage to the realisation and serial production of the product. All you need is an idea – we will help you make it a reality!

Creation of the prototype

We develop and manufacture individual prototypes as well as prototype series from our extensive selection of materials. All you need is an idea of a product, and we can help you develop and realise the process from start to finish.

Manufacturing methods

Our versatile production methods, extensive machine stock and skilled employees allow us to develop and manufacture diverse and challenging solutions. When developing a product we consider the material, the product’s intended use and the suitable production methods, and optimize the most cost-effective solution.

How can we help?

Feel free to contact us when looking for a solution. Our technical sales team will be happy to go over your needs and all technical requirements with you, so that we understand the functional and visual requirements of your application right from the start.

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